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Technical Assessment

The Discipline of Practical Appraisal

Dr. Scott Moore
Director of Technical Assessment

The appraisal is an assessment that establishes value in jewelry, real estate and in most every traded investment instrument and physical asset. Without it, investments become a gamble rather than a managed risk. At TRG, our Technology Assessment practice provides key insights to evaluate hardware and software for clients who need guidance on acquiring - or investing in - applied technologies as well as protean innovations.

At TRG, our Technology Assessment practice helps clients judge desirability of acquiring or merging with a technology-based business - or investing in technologies or intellectual property. When presented with a business opportunity potential buyers, investors or commercial consumers need to assess the technologies to avoid attractive, but untenable, opportunities and to take best advantage of promising ones. Balanced, reality-based assessment of risks and rewards permits one to organize a usable action plan that can guide a client to the most efficacious exploitation of the technologies under consideration.

TRG's technology assessment includes:

Detailed review and analysis of the technology in question;

Literature search;

Study of development proposal documentation;

Review of relevant industrial standards and government regulations;

If the client is considering licensing or acquiring a technology, a due diligence study of representations made by the technology's proponents.

TRG's review of the technology plan includes evaluating the proponents' technical expertise, their schedules, budgets and management capabilities. Often one must similarly analyze related and competitive technologies as well as the state of the art in the entire area of the technology. Assembling broad trends illustrates the industrial backdrop in which these technologies are engaged, including business intelligence about major competitors. Following the analysis, TRG's conclusions and actionable recommendations map the distilled intelligence to client requirements.

Who benefits most from a technical assessment? Most immediately, in terms of market exploitation, those companies and research institutes with fallow patents and intellectual property have the most to gain by thoroughly reviewing their technologies' market potential. Also, companies with R&D laboratories producing new IP and technologies can also use an assessment for mid-course correction or for scanning markets in which the developing IP can be most effectively exploited.

From a buy-side perspective, while technology assessment often occurs as part of some larger effort in due diligence, due diligence finds its place within technology assessment as well. It never suffices to determine that an invention or technology works; one must ensure that the technology's proponents are fully equipped to realize the promise of their innovation. Therefore, business intelligence becomes critical and requires a full study of the proponent's business and financial situation. One must buttress an innovator's optimism with thoughtful planning and strong business execution.

A wholly independent agency like TRG with subscription services that can create conflicts of interest - offers distinct advantages, even for companies with in-house technical expertise. Independence assures clients that no hidden agendas or vested interests exist. An independent agent also generally acquires a long list of contacts in many businesses ensuring that quick, efficient analyses draw from broader experience. At once, the independent analyst brings the requisite expertise to the appraiser's role - without baggage.

With experience that spans decades and technical expertise that crosses every industrial sector and technological discipline, TRG is uniquely qualified to design and complete an assessment regime for those technologies that are presenting themselves for investment or to become some part of your organization's future. Act today because technology has never moved faster. Opportunities appear and vanish at an accelerating pace. Find out if the one you have in hand today is a gem to cherish or a shiny rock to be discarded without loss.

Contact Dr. Scott Moore, Director of Technical Assessment

US Offices: 38 Rice Street Suites 2-0/2-2
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 02140
VOX: 1-617-491-2952     FAX: 1-815-364-3002

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