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TRG's roll includes seasoned IT professionals, engineers, research consultants and managers as well as footloose media and marketing types who have embraced internet technologies at various stages in their careers. Of TRG's number, many of us also have had careers as staffers and sub-contractors to the world's largest research firms - including IDC, Booz Allen, McKinsey & Co. and many of the Big Six accounting firms, engaged, in large part, because in-house resources were insufficient to properly staff a project team.

TRG's correspondents have developed strategies and deliverables for companies as large and diverse as GTE, NTT, Lotus Development, Reed Elsevier, Banyan,,, British Telecom, the federal government of Brazil and all manner and size of technology company. We have advised our clients in fields as diverse as health care computer "telepresence" techniques, software product development, network security, manufacturing process design and wireless content delivery systems.

As a collaborative, we bring to bear decades of experience and depthless wisdom to all the industrial adventures in which we are engaged as guides. We speak French, German, Swedish, Dutch, Mandarin, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa, Hindi, Hebrew and, in a pinch, Fortran. Within our number are network engineers, programmers, research analysts, private investigators, molecular biologists, materials scientists and software patent consultants.

Among TRG's number are celebrated authors, analysts, Ph.D.s and technology adepts based around the world, offering our clients technical and cultural expertise. In short, there is virtually no industrial research or consulting engagement that TRG's consultants could not negotiate with a great depth of experience and sage acquaintance. As many of our correspondents choose anonymity until they are called into service on a project, what follows is an abridged compendium of TRG practioners' profiles:

Peter Peter Cassidy, Director of Research, founded TriArche Research Group in 1996 after years of sub-contracting with IT research firms in New England and well over a decade of finance writing in the United States and overseas. His articles and opinion columns on IT and new media have appeared in such publications as The Economist, ForbesASAP and WIRED. His analyses and consultant's reports have been wrapped within the binders of such prestigious firms as Dataquest, CI-Infocorp, Business Research Group and Strategy Analytics. In fall, 1995, he conspired with fellow electronic commerce aficionados and professionals to form the Digital Commerce Society of Boston. Though based in Boston, Mr. Cassidy's professional assignments, speaking engagements and native curiosity have sent him as far afield as Australasia, Latin America, continental Europe, the Middle East and the British Isles where, in part, he has recruited some of TRG's correspondent consultants.

Hans Brinckman is TRG's Director of Research and Consulting/France. Mr. Brinckman has held senior positions developing business-to-business marketing strategies, organizing market research and corporate intelligence projects and crafting business development programs for Fortune 100 companies and start-ups. His broad experience in IT, multimedia and e-commerce gives Mr. Brinckman the depth of vision to manage innovative large-scale multi-media, multi-channel projects. Mr. Brinckman organized an electronic publishing program for the global leader in scientific journals, in collaboration with nine large US research universities, attending to technological issues as well as measuring user behaviors and posing the important questions of that scheme's organizational and economic viability. That was years ago. Mr. Brinckman, fluent in Dutch, French, English and German, however, is used to being ahead of his time. In fact, 15 years ago, Mr. Brinckman was involved in major research project regarding the Minitel on-line services company, itself an enterprise that presaged a lot of the cultural and consumer phenomena only being realized today in wired Anglo-Saxon cultures. Hans

Aryeh Aryeh Green, TRG's Israeli Research Correspondent, is an American who's made his home in Israel for over 15 years. In that time, Mr. Green has consulted for or held senior positions in many of Israel's leading high-tech companies, including ECI Telecom, Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Emultek Software, LANNET (Madge), BackWeb, Finjan, and Foxcom, as well as non-hi-tech international firms such as Pfizer, Bank Hapoalim, and Moto Guzzi. The breadth of this experience provides Mr. Green with a unique perspective on how small and mid-size companies based outside the continental United States can succeed in the global market -- and how Israel-based companies can capitalize not only on their technology expertise, but on Israel's geographical and cultural proximity to European markets and on its multi-lingual, multi-talented workforce. Mr. Green is affiliated with a number of Israel's top creative, research, and PR agencies, providing strategic business and marketing advice and services to Israeli exporters and offering due-diligence research and consulting for VCs and companies looking to invest in or partner with Israeli firms.

Arnold Chen is TRG's Director of Asian Research, based in Beijing. Truly a figure of his time and place, Mr. Chen began his career in a government commerce ministry after earning bachelor degrees in mechanical engineering and marketing. In 1992, after China began liberalizing its foreign trade and domestic commerce regulations, Mr. Chen was drawn into the private sector, setting off to work for a private market research firm. Mr. Chen is an expert in survey and analysis of industrial and consumer products. Over the past ten years, he has completed scores of market evaluations for new industrial product lines and counselled numerous corporations trying to sculpt the most efficacious business strategies for their enterprises in China, a market as complex as it is vast. Chen

Milton Milton G. Feng is TRG's Director of Asian Consulting working from his base at the city of Haikou in South China, the largest free-trade zone in continental China. Mr. Feng has been instrumental in the development of successful contract negotiation, joint ventures and technology tranfer agreements between Chinese and European companies producing electronics, sinks, fire detectors and other household implements. For these and other projects, Mr. Feng has acted as an in-country representative for peer-to-peer liaisons and trade show presentations and as a JV partner broker for companies making an initial market entry. As well, he has executed feasibility studies, market assessments and legal analyses for client companies. Mr. Feng's industrial expertise is augmented by his insight into the nation's politics, cultivated during his ten-year tenure as director of foreign affairs at the International Dept. of Safety & Environmental Protection Research Institute (SEPRI) at the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry where he organized international projects, conferences and exchange programs with foreign countries in Asia, Southeast Asia, Australasia, Latin America and Europe. More than an in-country advisor, Mr. Feng has an intimate and informed understanding of the international nature of market development in China and the world.

David Amdal, TRG's Director of Pacific Rim Research, was most recently director of Market Research for BIS Strategic Decisions--Pacific, one of Australia's leading research and demand forecasting firms, specialising in IT, Banking & Finance, and Property & Construction. In his 25-year career as an analyst and consultant, Mr. Amdal has researched and directed hundreds of corporate strategy and product development projects, first with Spectrum Research & Development in Sydney--a research partner for Booz Allen, and for The Economist Intelligence Unit in Asia--and latterly, The Acorn Group. While at Spectrum, Mr. Amdal was Managing Director in Jakarta for four years, starting up the regional office there. Mr. Amdal has a working knowledge of the Indonesian language and an abiding understanding of business protocols in Asia, Australasia, Southeast Asia and the West Pacific. Amdal

Roy Edwards, Bsc, MA, TRG's Director of UK Research based in London, has been researching information technology for more than a decade. Formally trained as a journalist, Mr. Edwards wrote from the technology desk at Reuters in London, edited several technology and management magazines before embarking upon his career as an industrial analyst and consultant. Mr. Edwards has authored research reports and intelligence briefings for international firms such as Giga Information Group and Strategy Analytics on a wide range of business and consumer technologies - from multifunctional devices, in-car entertainment and information systems to the European government's E-commerce policies. Most recently, Mr. Edwards has been invtied to participate in an academic working party organised by the UK-based Media Institute examining the role of information and communication technologies in community development and empowerment across Europe.

Chris Chris Ogden, based in London, is TRG's enterprise Information Technology (IT) strategist in the UK. Mr. Ogden has worked in Information Technology for over 30 years as an electronics engineer, systems programmer and business consultant. Over the last 15 years he has worked mainly with senior management teams to devise innovative business and IT strategies. In 1995, he began assisting companies to position themselves in relation to the Internet, electronic commerce and the digital economy. Mr. Ogden now works exclusively in this domain, emphasising the non-technical challenges that companies must deal with to flourish in this new business paradigm. His experience covers most industries although he has particular experience in the financial services sector. Mr. Ogden's working methods include large group facilitation, senior management seminar development and presentation, and customised research. He worked for many years in both Canada and the UK, and has considerable assignment experience in several European centres. Mr. Ogden has dual Canadian and UK citizenship.

Nicola Webster, based in London, is TRG's UK multi-channel marketing specialist. Ms. Webster started her career off-line, developing marketing programs for, among other clients, a charitable trust, an insurance company, a utility, the UK Post and Mobil Oil and the automotive manufacturers Volkswagen and Rover Group, the latter of which found her charged with the account's production of film, video, conference materials - and new media. When the Internet burst upon the UK scene in the mid-1990s, Ms. Webster took to the medium with great enthusiasm, managing the development of marketing programs for such early-days Internet success stories as - now an affiliate of FreeServe - and Engaged by the Internet - but educated in the ways of marketing before its arrival - Ms. Webster has no religion about the technology, save an informed appreciation for the way it can be put to the service of great marketing strategies for her clients. Nicola

Dr. J. Scott Moore, based near New York City, has served companies throughout the Northeast and continental U.S. During the eighties, Dr. Moore was a semiconductor engineer at IBM's Research and Microelectronics divisions. He also spent several years recruiting PhDs for IBM at a corporate level, and negotiating technology transfer for the Research Division. Since leaving IBM in 1995, Dr. Moore has serviced companies in New York and New England in technical and executive staffing, business intelligence, and arranging business development conferences, as well as publishing books and newsletters for John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Dr. Moore's areas of technical expertise include semiconductors, electronics and information technology, optoelectronics and optical communications, and materials science.

John R, Kelley, TRG's database and Web-based application deployment specialist, has worked in proprietary and commercial database development, full-text retrieval engine design, and systems integration since 1984. John has engineered custom solutions such as complex, large-scale databases and text retrieval deployments, and integrated numerous legacy systems into updated Web-based systems. Mr. Kelley has extensive development experience with the UNIX platform, the dominant web server platform, VAX/alpha VMS, and Windows NT, the fastest growing web server platform. Contact Mr. Kelley

William D. Gluck, Director of Strategy and Organizational Development, works with top-level executives to craft winning corporate strategies. Mr. Gluck has held senior positions at McKinsey & Company, Arthur D. Little, and Harbridge House and has been retainered by CSC Index. A restless, searching industrial intellectual, he is constantly researching the challenge of managing complex corporate change. Mr. Gluck brings the bottom line perspective of a corporate executive to his projects, having served as general manager of FMC Corporation's worldwide environmental business, as a corporate staff officer with Eaton Corporation and as chief executive of small ventures financed by leading venture capitalists. He has directed operations and consulting programs in Japan, Western Europe and Brazil and served clients in from the fields of investment management, computing and telecommunications, software development, professional services, manufacturing and utilities.

Sten Ronnbom, TRG's Scandanavian Research Correspondent, based in Kullavik, Sweden, is a self-described "Old IT Professional." Mr. Ronnbom is well experienced in organizing large-scale IT deployments. Mr. Ronnbom's hand-on IT experience has paid handsome dividends in his consulting practice. It has given him a fine-grained appreciation of the technologies - and their application in his clients' industrial contexts. That depth of understanding has made Mr. able to bring the details of technology discussions right into the highest decision-making levels. Mr. Ronnbom speaks English, Spanish, (acquired during an extended administrative position in Chile), German and Swedish. Sten

Maethee (M.T.) Ratnarathorn, TRG's interface design specialist, was developing information navigation systems long before the ascension of the Web. Before specializing in Internet technologies, he designed the functional specifications for the interface of an online platform. Mr. Ratnarathorn also designed the architecture for online content and an intuitive navigation scheme. As well he scuplted graphical user interfaces for financial software packages and for touch-screen training systems. Formally trained in graphic design, Mr. Ratnarathorn has focused all of his creative and analytic skills into making even the most data-intensive Web sites maximally accessible with intuitive user interfaces and seamless architectures.Contact Mr. Ratnarathorn

Steve Steve Yolen, based in Rio de Janeiro, brings more than 30 years of experience in South America to his tasks as Director of TRG's South American Research Bureau. Fully tri-lingual in English, Portuguese and Spanish, Mr. Yolen has been the editorial coordinator of the Wall Street Journal's special Latin American nation reports since 1982. For non-editorial clients, Mr. Yolen coordinates communications and marketing strategies and manages on-the-ground campaign logistics for companies and organizations negotiating entry into South America. It was Mr. Yolen who organized the communications and information programs for the Global Forum '92, the major non-government series of conferences held in parallel with the United Nation's Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. Though a facile generalist, Mr. Yolen has, by dint of his editorial and consulting enterprises, cultivated a deep knowledge of the South American electronics, steel-making and mining industries.

Roberto Sander is TRG's southern Brazil correspondent, based in Florianopolis, the heart of Brazil's industrial south. A diverse background in retail banking, media and technology has placed Mr. Sander in the nexus of a time of great change in this region as regulatory apparatuses fall before sweeping privatization movements in Brazil and other Latin American nations. From his base in the state of Santa Catarina, a burgeoning IT region, Mr. Sander is close to some of the most exciting technological developments in South America. Roberto

Bob Desautels is TRG's TRG's primary research expert-in-residence. A former IDC analyst, he is now performing primary research for a number of corporate clients. Most recently, Mr. Desaultels has completed studies on the migration paths of Digital Equiment Corp.'s computers and on high availability computing, a subject into which Mr. Desautels has invested much of his research career.

Kirt Kirt Olson, based in Tampa, is TRG's resident specialist in industrial product marketing. During his tenure, he has executed acquisition studies for products sold to OEMs or industrial end-users for up-stream integration. In addition, he has led programs for branding products, product specification, product pricing, authored market analyses and subsequent strategies.

Tamara Cremers, based in the Netherlands is TRG's Northern European correspondent, specializing in electronic commerce and retail marketing. She is fluent in Dutch, French, English, and Spanish. Ms. Cremers is currently on permanent assignment to an Internet start-up in the United States,, an online community for amateur sports enthusiasts where she is engaged as a research and marketing specialist. Tamara

Lawrence Lawrence Lopez, TRG's director of due diligence, has more than 20 years experience as an investigative reporter and a private investigator specializing in government, finance and business. Mr. Lopez, based in Boston, is a former senior investigator for the Investigative Group International (IGI), a firm described by the New York Times as setting "the gold standard" in financial detection. Before that, Lopez was an Associated Press reporter in Arizona. There, he investigated convicted financier Charles Keating and provided key information on the corruption of Gov. Evan Mecham's administration that preceded Mr. Mecham's impeachment.

Dr. Athena Andreadis, TRG's Biotechnology Research Specialist, is a Harvard Medical School professor pursuing basic research in brain development at the Shriver Center in Waltham, MA. Dr. Andreadis examines alternative splicing, a gene regulatory mechanism vital for the proper functioning of the entire organism, and the nervous system in particular. Her research may help to elucidate the genetic causes of abnormal brain development. For TRG, Dr. Andreadis consults on computer-aided research techniques for biomedical and life science research and in pre-investment consulting for biotech investors seeking an informed opinion on efficacy of genetic research techniques being considered for funding. Her first book, "To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek" is being published by Crown, May, 1998.

David David English, TRG's Director of Multimedia Technologies Research is based in Greensborough, North Carolina. He is the former editor of Computer Entertainment News (CEN), editor of Smart, and managing editor of Compute. His award-winning analyses--hundreds of articles and columns in PC World, Computer Shopper, Omni, Compute, CD-ROM Today, Smart, CNET, AV Video and Multimedia Producer, VideoGame Advisor and Twice--have been delineating the development of multimedia for most of a decade--starting well before it was even recognized as a discrete industry. He is currently a member of the CES Conference Advisory Board.

Lisa Rein, TRG's Web technologies specialist, based in the Pacific Northwest. As a distinguished Web site architect, Ms. Rein has earned a place as a member of the W3C's RDF Schema Working Group. Ms. Rein has consulted in the development of sites' on-line commerce interfaces and the integration of XML technologies. A frequent contributor to the professional press and editor of trade journals, Ms. Rein was, in an earlier life, the editor of Timothy Leary's graphic novel "Surfing the Conscious Nets". Ms. Rein is at work on a book about XML for Addison Wesley. Lisa

Rodney Rodney Thayer is TriArche's Infosec specialist, consulting on network security and software development. Mr. Thayer, working from bi-coastal bases on Florida's Gulf Coast and in San Jose, has twenty years experience in designing, implementing, deploying, and troubleshooting computer networking systems. He has extensive experience working to standardize network security protocols and practices through organizations such as the Internet Engineering Task force (IETF.) He has participated in the development of standards for IP Security (IPSec) and web security (TLS) and has been an author on several drafts of proposals that have been incorporated in Internet protocols.

John McCoy, TRG's Marketing and Graphics Solutions specialist, works in New England. A commercial illustrator and designer for both print and web, McCoy has provided graphics, HTML, direct mailings, brochures, menus, cartoons and editorial illustrations for such clients as Microsoft,, Circle Media, MacTemps, and Beau Jest Moving Theater. McCoy has trained in journalism and fiction, receiving an M.A. in fiction writing from Boston University. He also has an M.A. in art history and museum studies. John

Michael Moore is a research analyst specializing in business due diligence investigations. During his 20 years of investigative research he has compiled a data base of 50,000 names relating to fraud, organized crime, financial crime, corrupt ion and other due diligence issues. Mr. Moore's experience, proprietary data and knowledge of on-line information enable him to produce detailed, organized, and prompt reports. His books and articles on arson have become standard texts in the field.

Eric Eric Johansson is TRG's Director of Communications Infrastructure Development. Eric Johansson has over 20 years of high level system and software design experience, with particular emphasis on Internet system design. For the past five years, Eric has headed Internet Guide Services, specializing in the design, configuration, and remediation of complex Internet-based systems. Among others, his clients have included EG&G, BBN, AllMedia Solutions, ZipLink, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. He has extensive experience with UNIX systems, Internet server configuration/design, and communication architectures. Prior to founding his practice, Eric held senior-level engineering positions with Polaroid Corp., Wang Laboratories, Ziff-Davis, and Computervision.

Sandra Churchill, TRG's end-user satisfaction specialist, Ms. Churchill has authored analyses on document-preparation technologies from large-format printers to the emerging "push" technologies. A former analyst at BIS Strategic Decisions, holding degrees in psychology and communications arts, Ms. Churchill sculpted her education and industrial experiences into an important specialty: customer experience surveys.

David Jablon, a principal of TRG's E-commerce Technologies Deployment Strategies practice, has had more thean 20 years of experience, programming, reading and critiquing source code, giving Mr. Jablon an informed and critical eye for software. As a chief engineer at Banyan and later a contract consultant, Mr. Jablon has gained an appreciation of what is truly new --and what can be bought, reverse-engineered cloned or copied. As well, Mr. Jablon has developed an expertise in reading, analysing and authoring software patents.

Glenn Gabriel Ben-Yosef, based in Boston, specializes in the development of enterprise networks in any scale--from small corporations to those of national governments. Former senior analyst with Yankee Group.

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