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Uberbabe Media

Uberbabe Media is a research and consulting firm investigating entertainment content development and distribution in the digital marketplace. Uberbabe is publisher of the celebrated monthly Digital Mogul and Mogus Wars, publications that interrogate the changes in industrial relationships and consumer behaviors that attend the ascent of digital entertainment distribution. Specifically, Uberbabe and TriArche are partners in development of custom research programs for joint clients, Uberbabe handling content and distribution issues and TriArche getting under the hood to research technology aspects.

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Atypica is a site engineering and development firm specializing in data-intensive, computationally demanding Web sites. The background of the staff is in programming, database development and maintenance and interface design. When Lycos needed to build a Superbowl site to take on impossible amounts of traffic, these were the guys the company turned to.

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e-Marketer provides a diverse clientel with Internet statistics culled from the most authoritative sources and drafts them into accessible reports that exhaustively explore an Internet commerce topic - from B2B commerce to Internet consumer demographics. There is no statistic published on the Internet that e-Marketer does not have access to in a keystroke.

US Offices: 38 Rice Street Suites 2-0/2-2
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 02140
VOX: 1-617-491-2952     FAX: 1-815-364-3002

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