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Genesis Myth

For every embarkation, an experienced navigator.

In these, the early days of the IT revolution, the speed of change has challenged everyone to keep pace. The most established firms have found that many of their oldest relationships - with suppliers and customers alike - are being challenged by the internet which can make new connections cheaply and quickly, subsequently bypassing old networks.

The youngest firms are struggling to get traction in an environment in which technologies are developed and abandoned before they are perfected - and in which market success depends on rapid construction of cooperative partnerships or strategic relationships with established businesses.

Standing amidst this turmoil are some special few who can make sense of it all and place the relevant pieces into existing industrial and corporate contexts. Among that number are TRG's correspondent consultants, adventure capitalists and professionals who have worked in and around the IT industry for decades and can bring deep perspective to most any development in it. Just who are we, then?

TRG's roll includes seasoned IT professionals, research consultants and managers as well as footloose media and marketing types who have embraced internet technologies and set out to use them to forge them into some part of the emerging electronic commerce plexus. TRG's correspondents have developed strategies and all manner of deliverables for companies as large and diverse as GTE , NTT , Lotus Development , Reed Elsevier, Banyan,,, British Telecom, the federal government of Brazil and all manner and size of technology company. Of our number, many of us also have had careers as staff consultants and sub-contractors with the world's largest research and management consultant firms - including Dataquest, IDC and Booz Allen.

As a collaborative, we bring to bear decades of experience and depthless wisdom to all the industrial adventures in which we are engaged as guides. We speak French, Greek, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa, Hindi, Hebrew and, in a pinch, Fortran. Within our number are programmers, network engineers, research analysts, private investigators, molecular biologists, materials scientists and patent consultants. In short, there is virtually no industrial research or consulting engagement that TRG's consultants could not negotiate with a great depth of experience and sage acquaintance.

As a collaborative of independent contractors, we are free from the demands and distractions of bricks, mortar and shareholders. Thus disencumbered, TRG is free to press its resources exclusively into the service of its clients and their immediate research

and consulting needs, instead of developing subscription services to produce a cash-flow for investors and/or partners. We've seen subscription schemes distort the judgement of research and consulting firms and have arranged TRG's practices so as not to repeat those mistakes, even if it means forgoing short-term revenue.

Broadly speaking, TRG provides management and research consulting to vendors of information technology products and services - and to companies engaging IT to re-order or otherwise augment their existing business practices. We provide market analyses, competitive intelligence and all manner of decision support for software firms, hardware companies, and telephony providers the world over.

To deliver the expertise our clients require, TRG has organized a global network of information analysts and consultants. When a client request arrives, TRG assembles the appropriate team from our consultants and correspondents rolls and dispatch them with all speed to complete the assignment in a time-frame most appropriate for the client's needs. It is a consulting strategy borne of the Internet, working at Internet speed.

For our own organization purposes, TRG has divided its research and consulting enterprises into four program groups: Industrial Intelligence and Market Research, Marketing Campaigns, e-Commerce and Web Integration Strategies and our Network Infrastructure Development practice. For TRG, each research project is a unique and exciting excursion, staffed by a uniquely qualified team. The research directorate here focuses each research program to make sure that our efforts genuinely support the business planning requirements of our clients.

You will never see TRG in the middle of a scandal for reselling allegedly custom research with exactly the same results and recommendations presented to multiple clients. Nor will we solicit you with offers of dubious multi-client studies. The answers our customers receive in their custom research programs are tailored to their exact specifications - not cut like cookies. We rely on our business partners at E-marketer a dedicated statistical research firm (with no consulting division), to provide publications on technology and Internet commerce to clients who are looking for statistical benchmarks.

In every revolution, mercenaries have risen to carry the banners of change - and tradition. They are inevitable agents of momentous times. At TRG, we have recognized their historical contributions and worked to find the best of them, assembled them and placed them in service of those who seek to manage most intelligently the challenges attendant our time and its wondrous technological and cultural transformations.

US Offices: 38 Rice Street Suites 2-0/2-2
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 02140
VOX: 1-617-491-2952     FAX: 1-815-364-3002

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