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Entering a market without first studying it and profiling its constituents and their development paths is like walking blind-folded onto the floor of a square-dance. Exciting, certainly, but hardly a way to become an effective participant. TRG's market and corporate research correspondents are expert at sculpting research regimes - in all retail and industrial contexts.

Getting traction in new markets or re-orienting a company in an existing market takes a good deal of focused research to inform the decision making processes and fire the imaginations of the executive staff. Our consultants work with clients to sculpt the most efficacious query regime to ensure that their needs are thoroughly satisfied to address those issues they know they must - and those which may have evaded them during their initial inquiries.

Market Intelligence
TRG's experience and belief is that preparation of product, its language and marketing strategies are as important in some respects as the product itself.

Industrial history, of course, is rife with examples of great technology that was presented ineptly, inarticulately or without a sensitivity to the market's percerptions at the moment of entry.

TRG's consultants have, combined, decades of experience in primary market research, comparative product positioning and end-user requirements analysis.

With careful analysis of the environment that a product will enter, competitors will have greater assurance that they can quickly become the most effective competitor possible.

Contact Director of the Market Intelligence Practice, Bob Desautels

Due Diligence
Inventors who seek funding are a diverse group, motivated by love of technology, the thrill of new challenges and, of course, profit.

The investors they approach will assess their inventions' market potential, frequently tapping experts to inspect these innovations for them before committing their own capital.

Too often, however, the motivation and character of the innovators goes unscrutinized which, in a number of cases, has left the investors open to losses--or forced them to restructure businesses that had been mismanaged.

TRG's Due Diligence practice, headed by a former IGI senior investigator Lawrence Lopez, delivers personal background and business-history analyses that allow investors to avoid or mitigate the risks associated with investing in persons of uncertain provenance.

Every due diligence investigation is custom-tailored to meet individual circumstances. Typical reports are structured as follows:

(1) The subject's personal background, including (if warranted) verification of citizenship, familial relationships, educational background, and military service;

(2) The subject's business background, including all offices or positions held since age 18, employment and licensing data, as well as inquiring about reasons for leaving former employers;

(3) The current state of the subject's business interests, including available financial information on any companies, partnerships, trusts or other investment vehicles in which the subject has a beneficial interest;

(4) A detailed summary of any public records pertaining to federal, state and/or local criminal and/or investigatory proceedings to which the subject or subjects of the investigation have been a party;

(5) A summary of any pertinent federal, state and/or local civil litigation to which the subject and/or his corporate interests have been a party;

(6) If interviews are authorized, a detailed summary of them including the subject's banking references, business associates, contractors and competitors, as well as other sources independently developed by this office.

Contact TRG's Director of Due Diligence, Larry Lopez

Competitive Intelligence
Given the proliferation of data brokers, professional journals and the expansion of regulatory requirements that demand disclosure, it is inexcusable for a company in a competitive market not to be awash in fresh data all the time.

Converting that inform ation into intelligence and, most importantly, into actionable, plotted strategy defined by an informed analysis of available data is what sets the intelligent corporation apart from the also-ran - or failure.

Corporate intelligence is not spying. It is the informed and disciplined application of analysis to draw new understanding from disparate data, a mosaic from inferentially related bits.

TRG' consultants have wide experience in developing CI programs that give clients insights into the activities of their competitors and, by extension, the larger dynamics of the marketplace to which they may be adapting.

Contact the Director of Corporate Intelligence Practice, Peter Cassidy

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