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Marketing Campaigns

Preparation for the marketplace is every bit as complex and nuanced as the preparation of a symphony for the performance of a new work. Improvisation can only lead to chaos. Every great product, first, has to be imagined--and then its essence needs to be crafted into form and then, further, represented in provocative language and communications instruments that can fascinate the population for which it is intended.

Industrial history is littered with important ideas and technical advances that were misapplied or misunderstood--or, more frequently, whose market entry was unorchestrated. Reaching your constituency and animating your products and services in their imaginations is too central to your enterprise's success to leave to chance.

TRG's consultants have decades of experience in sculpting products and services for the marketplace and orchestrating entry campaigns that

have given their respective subjects fast traction in the marketplace in consumer, commercial and industrial sectors.

With TRG's cadre of marketing consultants and regional correspondents, each with his own talents and regional focus, TRG can quickly assemble a team that can uniquely address the requirements of the client--in most any industrial context. We're as effective - and as fast - in the Loire Valley as we are in Silicon Valley.

TRG can provide consultants and professionals for every stage of development--from actual hands-on sculpting and polishing of products and services to the orchestration of a long-range marketing and media strategy. Contact us by phone or e-mail today to schedule a preliminary discussion with the appropriate TRG consultant.

Contact Peter Cassidy, TRG's Director of Product Development and Marketing Practice,

US Offices: 38 Rice Street Suites 2-0/2-2
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 02140
VOX: 1-617-491-2952     FAX: 1-815-364-3002

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